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Pioneer in Bringing Singapore Companies Public in US OTC Markets

Pioneer in Bringing Singapore Companies Public in US OTC Markets

The founder is one of the first pioneers in developing the IPO model incorporating the US OTC Capital Markets to Singaporean and other South-East Asian businesses. Over the years, the model has evolved from a ‘capital centric’ model, to ‘well-rounded’ model that focuses on responsible and sustainable enterprise development. If developing a growth enterprise that can persists through time is your goal, then you’ve come to the right place.

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In-House Exchange Based Expertise

In-House Exchange Based Expertise

Founded by practitioners with hands-on field expertise in the OTC Markets public listing procedures and SEC compliance know-how, Iconomy is your most trusted partner in OTC IPO in Asia.

With our in-house audit and legal team of experts, we take care not only the compliance needs that the regulators requires, but also protect your enterprise from other stakeholders by constantly tidying up your legal and financial hygiene.

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The Enterprisation Model

The Enterprisation Model

We have seen too many businesses, that failed after they obtained their public listed status. Huge compliance costs, highly complex audit and legal procedures, and tight deadlines requirements have since overwhelmed many SMEs, which eventually gave up. At Iconomy Corporate Consultancy, we make sure our clients are truly ‘Market Ready’ before embarking on their IPO journey.

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Objective Financing Opinion

There are many ways to raise funds. Equity is frequently the costliest option, so if raising capital is your only need, you might need to consider other options. Before we undertake any project, we analyse our clients’ needs objectively and present recommendations based on client’s cashflow health and actual needs. 

Merger and Acquisition

Merger and Acquisition is both an art and science. It’s an art as it frequently involves negotiation processes, where your appointed negotiator should know when and how to protect your rights. With our legal expertise, we ensure that your rights and interests are well guarded during whenever we structure your merger and acquisition strategy.

Cross Border Funds

Our vast connections with investors and fund houses across regions streamline your search costs for funds. Our connections comprises of not only bankers and investors, but also includes key media personnel, politicians and high ranking government officials.

Audit and Assurance

Our audit and assurance expertise spans across multiple jurisdictions through our strong relationships with partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States, established over the years.

Extensive Banking Network

Not ready for equity financing yet? With our working relationship with our sibling Company, Smartbank Pte Ltd and the major crowdfunding platforms in Singapore, you will be spoilt for choices.

Investors Relations

Our strong strategic alliance with PR and IR firm Iconomy Holdings Pte Ltd ensures that you receive adequate exposures so that the investment community is familiar with your Company when you launch your fundraising campaigns.

About Our Founder

Clarie Chan
Chairperson and CEO

Accountant by training
Co-founder of the ‘Enterprisation’ model
Over ten years of experience in private and public companies audit
Started corporate finance advisory work since 2013
Board membership in numerous public and private companies

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