Book Launch: “Corporate Directions” Co-Authored by Our CEO


On the 17 May 2020, we are celebrating the launch of the electronic edition of our new book “Corporate Directions: A Comprehensive Guide for Directors of SMEs in Singapore”. This publication is a collaboration between our company and our sibling publishing house, Iconomy Holdings. It is the fruition of the know-how accumulated through the many years of professional practice of our CEO, Ms. Clarie Chan Mei Lee, combining the perspective of an entrepreneur by the CEO of Iconomy Holdings, Mr. Boo Kok Chuon, that gave rise to this invaluable work. It is specially catered to entrepreneurs and businesspersons of Singapore, even for those who have zero knowledge about corporate compliance and statutory duties of directors.

“The Ultimate Compliance Guidebook Every Director Should Read”

Braden soh, ceo, mirachael shines pte ltd

The launch price of the e-book is S$9.99 (Google Play Book, and US$7 (Amazon). Paperbacks will also be available from June 2020, retailing at $19.99.

Pre-order your copy today (only available on Amazon).

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