Financial Reporting and Corporate Compliance


In order to provide a one-stop solution to our valued clients, we have a team of corporate service and accounting experts to take care of your statutory compliance duties.

We understand the challenges in juggling multiple roles when running a company. Notwithstanding the day-to-day challenges of operations, it can be distracting and even cumbersome when it comes to corporate compliance and record-keeping.


Accounting and Financial Reporting

Our founder started her professional career as an auditor. Her vast expertise in the best practices of financial reporting has been imparted and upheld in our team of professional accountants. Our familiarity with different accounting standards, including IFRS, SFRS, and US GAAP, provides flexibility in accommodating to different needs in the increasingly globalised marketplace.

Corporate Services and Compliance

From statutory filing requirements to convening general meetings, and communications with investors and shareholders, we possess both the hardware and know-how in delivering a seamless worry-free experience. Our sibling co-working space brand, Iconomy Corporate Suites, offers a full range of business facilities, including events, conference and meeting premises, to registered office addresses in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Coupled with our in-house capabilities as licensed corporate service providers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United States. Whether you are an international company looking to establish in Asia, or vice versa, we have the right tools for you.



Currently, we only provide income tax and GST filing for clients in Singapore. We are looking to expand into other jurisdictions in the near future.

Head of Practice

Kathleen Oh

Head, Financial Reporting and Corporate Services