Corporate Legal Advisory and Forensic Finance


Always have your legal rights and interests as our utmost priority.

We have established strong partnerships with law firms with presences across different jurisdictions. Many of whom, contribute actively in our thought leadership initiative and participate as co-organisers of events. In our practice, however, we always seek to reduce the risks of potential disputes by advocating the best practices of good corporate governance.


Forensic Finance

We have diversified into the practice of investigative and forensic finance since 2019. Since then, we have offered our experience in in-depth financial analysis and our robust due diligence practice, which contributed to uncovering a myriad of agendas, from money siphoning, misappropriation of funds, to fraud and money laundering. Many times, these saved our clients from costly consequences.

Solvency and Company Rehabilitation

Though there are companies that survived through generations, sometimes ending a business is an inevitable option. There can be many reasons why a business needs to be ended. Regardless of the motivations, observance of proper procedure is essential to ensure an amicable closure. We provide advisory on the cessation of your business from striking-off, to winding-up. We also possess expertise in other rehabilitation procedures such as judicial management and receivership.


Disclaimer: Professional services that require professional practicing qualifications are rendered directly through the respective law practices under our alliance. Iconomy Corporate Consultancy Pte Ltd do not and cannot provide legal advice in her own capacity.