Outsourced and Sourcing Services

Businesses often face the dilemma of developing a robust financial capabilities, at the same time keeping cost of operations low. Maintaining a full-fledge finance department can be costly feat, given the high costs involve in maintaining qualified professional executives. Moreover, employers with limited level of financial know-how may face challenges in identifying capable candidates.

The outsourced services provided by Iconomy Corporate Consultancy, eliminates your troubles in building a full-fledged finance team from scratch. We have a team of professionals and experts, ready to take on the job of managing your financials and compliance matters, as though we are part of your in-house capabilities.


Outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

From acting as a point of contact for top-level financial matters, to representing your company in investment deal negotiations, our outsourced CFO solutions deliver more than the scope of work of a typical CFO. By paying a fraction of the remuneration of a full-time CFO, what you get is a team of experienced, resourceful, and qualified professionals, comprising of accountants, corporate counsels and executives at your disposal. At Iconomy Corporate Consultancy, we offer the flexibility of catering the option of white-label solutions, that provides the best of both worlds of having a near-in-house team without having to afford the high costs of maintaining one.


Outsourced Bookkeeping

Having issues with the meddling of your day-to-day accounting entries and filing chores? Do you know that even by outsourcing your bookkeeping to us can save you more than 50% versus hiring an in-house bookkeeping staff? With our proprietary remote office system, we made this possible by developing operational teams in cost efficient territories, while maintaining autonomy and control over the operational efficiencies, through the unique affiliations of our management team.

Corporate Suites, Co-Working Space, and Registered Office Address

Since 2018, our group diversified into corporate real estate management via our sibling company, Iconomy Ventures Pte Ltd. Iconomy Ventures developed and manage the boutique co-working space brand Iconomy Corporate Suites, that has to date 4 locations spanning across Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It is one of the most successful co-working space, which attained over 80% occupancy rate within 2 years, and broke-even within 6 months of its operations. Iconomy Corporate Suites is a fully-automated, remotely managed co-working solutions, that boasts maximal accessibility, without compromising on our clients’ privacy. Integrated with its proprietary Iconomy Concierge and Iconomy Club services, it forms a complete turnkey solutions for enterprises to kickstart a fully functioning business with limited resources.


Manpower Sourcing and Supply

As a member of regional foreign manpower sourcing network of Mirachael Jobs, we offer our range of manpower solutions through our sibling company Mirachael Shines Pte Ltd. More information on the services provided can be found here.

Corporate Partners